Convolutional Neural Network In Python

A convolutional neural network (CNN) is a type of deep learning model that is commonly used for image classification and other tasks that involve analyzing visual data. CNNs are composed of multiple layers, including convolutional layers, pooling layers, and fully connected layers. The convolutional layers of a CNN are responsible for extracting features from the …

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Generative adversarial networks

“Generative adversarial networks (GANs) are an exciting recent innovation in machine learning. GANs are generative models: they create new data instances that resemble your training data. For example, GANs can create images that look like photographs of human faces, even though the faces don’t belong to any real person. “ Now Train The Model Results

Most Popular and widely used Machine Learning tools in 2021

There are several Machine Learning tools and techniques but choosing the right tool is really an important tasks for the practitioner and researchers. In this blog you will learn about most popular and widely used Machine learning tools. 1.Tensorflow Tensor flow is an open-source framework, which provides a JavaScript library for Machine Learning as well …

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Computer Vision in Healthcare and Medicine

What Is Computer Vision? Computer vision is a technology based on image processing and synthesis. It usually involves machine learning/deep learning and allows AI to simulate human vision. This technology aims to save time by automating manual image analysis and achieving a higher level of accuracy. For this purpose, an algorithm is fed with avast …

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Top 10 Python Libraries

1.Pandas pandas is a Python package that provides fast, flexible, and expressive data structures designed to make working with structured (tabular, multidimensional, potentially heterogeneous) and time series data both easy and intuitive. It aims to be the fundamental high-level building block for doing practical, real world data analysis in Python. Additionally, it has the broader goal of becoming the …

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