Data Science Job Roles and Salaries

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A Data Science expert is the one who has hands on the Data Science, such as collecting, Structuring, Storing analyzing and handling the data into meaningful insights. These tasks are beneficial for individuals and organizations to make decisions that are based on the insights generated from the data. Data Science plays a vital role in our daily life even we may not be aware of such as, News feeds in our social media account, recommended products during online shopping, the movie or a music that is recommended to us based on our watch or search history etc.


“Data Scientist” can be termed as the hottest job of 21st century in an IT field. The Data Scientists are highly paid resources. As the data is growing in multiples, hence there is a dire need for roles such as data Scientist. Pursuing a career as a Data Scientist can be a good choice, especially for a computer buff. Not it only pays high but also it’s a hot topic in IT.

Skills required for Data Scientist

There are some pre-requisite skills that are required to become a Data Scientist:

·       You need to understand the language of data. So, before starting you must have the basic skills of understanding of the data

·       You should have the basic understanding of Algorithms. The algorithms are the set of instructions to perform a particular task. As all Machine Learning models are based on algorithms, so it’s a necessary prerequisite for Data Scientist.

·       To be an expert in data science you should have the basic programming knowledge such as variables, constants, data types, IO functions, Database, API, hosting, etc.

·       Statistics is one of the most significant areas in the field of Data Science. You should be well aware of statistical terminologies such as mean, median, mode, standard deviation etc. And several Statistical tests like hypothesis testing, T-Test, ANOVA, etc. 

·       In-depth working knowledge of the business domain is one of the major pre-requisite that you should work on, as it will add advantage that can take you ahead.

Data Science Job roles and Salaries 

Following are the major job roles and associated salaries in data science

·       Data Scientist

Data scientists are responsible for handling the raw data and analyze it with various Machine Learning algorithms such as regression, clustering, classification etc. They are able to generate insights that are essential for predicting and solving the complex business problems.

The responsibilities of Data Scientist are:

  •          Collecting the huge amount of data and organizing it.
  •          Using analytical skills such as machine learning, deep
    learning etc to analyze the data.
  •          Cleansing the data to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the data
  •        Using data visualization to present the insights to the

      The average salary range is $85,000 – $180000 per annum

·      Data Analyst

     The Data Analyst analyzes the data to get the insights from the data for problem solving. They use Statistical data analysis for this purpose and have hands on programming languages such as python, R etc.

      The responsibilities of Data Analyst are:

  1.           Getting patterns from the data using data mining
  2.           Working with algorithms
  3.           Solving the complex business problem by mapping the data
  4.          Conducting data research and using statistical analysis techniques to analyze the data.The average salary range of a data analyst is $83,000 – $142,000

. Big Data Engineers 

The Big Data Engineers are same like the data analysts who make use of huge amount of data to generate insights and make smarter decisions. They are responsible for developing a whole software infrastructure for data scientist to work on. The have in-depth knowledge of tools like Handoop, Hive SQL etc.

The responsibilities of Data Engineer are:

  • Collecting data, Data cleansing and Data normalization
  • Extracting and transforming data using different technologies to develop such software 
  • Using machine learning, developing the data pipelines Developing, maintaining and testing data architectures 

The average salary range of a Big Data Engineer is $110,000 – $ 222,000

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